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Ekleft heißt Sie Willkommen!


Duzende Firmen profitieren bereits von unseren Dienstleistungen.

Bis zum heutigen Tage, hat Ekleft für seine Kunden  4 124 000 Arbeitsstunden im Bereich der Informationstechnologie geleistet und ihnen so geholfen Kosten zu sparen;

Wir haben mehr als  3 024 000 Arbeitsstunden hoch spezialisierter Fachkräften, in verschiedenen Projekten unterschiedlicher Schwierigkeit, zur Verfüngung gestellt;

Indem wir Entwicklungszentren errichtet haben um unseren Kunden die nötige Unterstützung zu geben, neue und einzigartige Projektmanagement Technologien implementiert zu haben und die besten Ressourcen auf dem Markt zu benutzen, haben wir unseren Kunden  892 080 000 Geldeinheiten im Bereich der Lösung von IT Aufgaben gespart.

193 hochkompetente Fachkräfte mit unterschiedlicher Spezialisierung im IT-Bereich arbeiten für Ekleft und schreiben eine Erfolgsgeschichte nach der anderen in großen nationalen und internationalen Projekten.

In 52 von uns durchgeführten Projekten mit führenden Unternehmen aus unterschiedlichen Bereichen konnten wir die Fahigkeiten unseres Ekleft-Teams ständig ausbauen. 


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Unsere Geschäftsprinzipien:

Unsere Firma ist darauf ausgerichtet Langzeitbeziehungen mit unseren Kunden aufzubauen. Dafür suchen wir ständig individuelle Lösungen für unsere Kunden um diese schnell und erfolgreich bedienen zu können, unabhängig von der jeweiligen Aufgabenstellung. 



Ekleft proved itself as a competent and reliable partner that knows how to solve any resource-oriented tasks. I especially value that the timely approach of the company to the requests presented to them.

I would like to thank you for your timely and adequate attention to our company and excellent fit to the requested resources with candidates presented.

I wish you success in your future developments and hope we continue similar successful partnership in the future.

During our successful partnership, Deloitte and Ekleft managed to develop a strong relationship. I value the commitment of Ekleft to the resourcing process, their willingness to assist and partner with us and their knowledge of the market place and presentations of high quality candidates. I can always rely on ekleft to recieve top talent as well as providing honest answers and manage our expectations correctly. Employees of Ekleft are always extremely quick in their response and this is something I find very important - they provide real answers, thorough feedback, follow up with the right information and updates in an extremely efficient and mutually beneficial manner.

We appreciate the partnership with Ekleft, thank you!

I can highly recommend Ekleft as a reliable partner in the field of IT recruitment and outsourcing.

Ekleft has proved itself as a professional capable to manage challenging resourcing tasks in a very limited timeframe, which is very important for us.

I can always rely in Ekleft to deliver top candidated matching our business approach. I value their market knowledge and expertise in IT recruitment as well as their flexibility in communications with the customer.

We appreciate partnership with Ekleft and hope we continue our collaboration on the same level in future.

I am happy to provide a reference for Lina Asryan, a high-level specialist I have worked with 4 months, which appreciated is not very long however, in this short space of time she has managed to develop a strong relationship both with me and with "Human Capital Management". I highly value Lina's commitment to the resourcing process, her willingness to assist and partner with us and her knowledge of the market place and presentation of high quality candidates. I can always rely on Lina to send top talent but also to manage our expectations if this is not possible. Lina is always extremely quick in her response and this is something I find very important - she provides answers, feedback, follow-up information and updates etc. in extremely efficient manner and has found excellent, productive and mutually beneficial manner in which to work with me. We appreciate Lina and the partnership with ekleft in this regard, thank you!

Ekleft is a remarkable team on the IT outstaffing landscape. Highly committed, highly pragmatic, and with a huge network of valuable contacts in the IT industry. They are very open to ideas, and frequently come up with their own ones.

These guys have many times solved various staffing issues on our software projects, and have delivered some of true gems on our team.

During our cooperation Ekleft established itself as a flexible company with excellent market knowledge. It would be hard not to notice high quality of candidates outsourced to our company. We appreciate the ability to respond quickly and in line with our expectations accordingly various projects of Enter company.

During our cooperation Our company can always rely on Ekleft and we can I can highly recommend this company as a reliable partner in IT recruitment and outsourcing sphere.

We can highly recommend Ekleft company as a quality service provider and reliable partner. Since we have started working together Ekleft employees have managed to develop strong relationship both with PepsiCo HR team and business. We appreciate resourcing process of the Ekleft company. Their market expertise and high quality standards of work. We can always rely on Ekleft when it comes to finding best talent on the market and meeting our expectations both in terms of professional requirements and budget.

During our partnership all requests were successfully fulfilled. Ekleft provided itself as a qualified expert not only in external IT recruitment but also in managing of Assessment centers for internal candidates and their evaluation.

Ekleft employees are extremely quick and efficient in providing all the information we needed including CV, feedbacks, follow up information etc.

We appreciate our partnership with Ekleft and hope to continue working together in the same productive manner.